Unsung Heroes of the Horus Heresy: We Have Winners!

After a slight delay that was mostly my fault for not checking a calendar, I’ve tabulated the scores from the three judges, added up the totals, and we have winners!

Before they’re announced, I’d like to commend everyone who submitted an entry – they showed genuine effort and a love for the hobby, and the race was, in several cases, quite close. I’ve got several new favorite characters now, even if none of them were from my beloved VI and VIIth Legions.

I’d also like to thank our amazing sponsors, who have been super-supportive:

Seriously, they’re all amazing.

And now, the winners!

Primarch: Best Overall in Both Narrative and Miniatures

Centurion Cjarn of the Iron Warriors

Fabricator-General: Best Miniature

Siege-Breaker Jivan of the Iron Warriors

Remembrancer: Best Narrative

Hallinax the Kind (or…Soul-Flayer) of the Night Lords

And those, ladies and gentlemen, are your winners.

For those interested in browsing the entries, you can find each one below:

Again, thank you all once again for your entries, they were amazing. The winners will be contacted shortly to arrange for their prizes to make their way to them.

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