Unofficial Rules for Forge World Compatibility with the Craftworld Warhost Detachment

The Craftworld Warhost detachment, in the Eldar Codex (covered here), is a great detachment. Some rules that, while tempting, are not overwhelmingly good. A good dose of flavor along with power – and from the other books released after it, clearly the type of thing Games Workshop is working on at the moment.

But there’s a problem – at the moment, you can’t use the detachment and Forge World models together. FW hasn’t released an FAQ, and since the Warhost detachment is built off of particular units, not the HQ/Elite/Troop/Fast Attack/Heavy Support paradigm, they can’t just be dropped in like they could be with a CAD.

These rules, which are unofficial, experimental and in all other ways I can say it a work in progress, aim to fix that.

Design Goals: The design goals for these rules is to allow the use of every non-Corsair model made by Forge World within a Craftworld Warhost. It is expressly not an attempt to update or revise the points cost of these models or tweak them otherwise (with one exception). Some units, like the Hornet, are pretty inarguably undercosted. Others are likely not worth their points. That’s beyond the scope of these rules.

Because of the way the Warhost detachment works, most of these units are made available as bare-bones Auxiliary detachments.

Onto the detachments!

Amended Detachments: These entries are amendments to detachments already in the Codex, usually just slipping an extra unit entry in.

  • Warp Hunter: Amend the Engines of Vaul formation to read “1 unit of Night Spinners, 1 unit of Fire Prisms, 1 unit of Falcons or 1 unit of Warp Hunters”. As with the other Eldar tanks, a selection of a Warp Hunter can take two additional Warp Hunters for their appropriate cost. I’d also suggest that the D-Flail be changed to STR D for both weapon profiles, to cohere it to the changes made to the other weapons with the Distort rule.
  • Wraithseer: Amend the Wraith Host formation to read “1 Spiritseer or Wraithseer”.
  • Shadow Specters: Amend the Aspect Host detachment to read “3 units of Dire Avengers, Howling Banshees, Striking Scorpions, Fire Dragons, Swooping Hawks, Dark Reapers, Warp Spiders, Shining Spears or Shadow Specters (in any combination).
  • Wasp Assault Walkers: Amend any mention of War Walkers (for example, the Guardian Battle Host) to read “1 unit of War Walkers or Wasp Assault Walkers”.

New Detachments: These entries are entirely new detachments to incorporate Forge World units as Auxiliary choices.

  • Webway Scouts: 1 unit of Hornets
  • Voidstrike Squadron:
    • 0-3 Nightwing Interceptors
    • 0-1 Phoenix Bombers

Lord of War Detachments: To avoid the spamability of the Wraith-constructs formation (let’s face it, anyone letting you use optional, experimental fan rules of someone’s blog is playing a friendly game), I’ve organized these into a new category, Heralds of Vaul. These are expressly not auxiliary detachments, and 0-1 of these detachments can be taken per Guardian Host.

  • Void Lord: 1 Vampire Hunter or Vampire Raider
  • Woe-bringer: 1 Scorpion, Cobra or Lynx Grav Tank
  • God Slayer: 1 Phantom or Revenant Titan

And that’s it. A minimal fuss and rules tinkering implementation of the Forge World units for the Craftworld Warhost. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts.

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