New Patreon Goals

There have been a couple new goals added to the Patreon campaign, focusing on projects that I think folks might find appealing: an examination of multi-player games, and a campaign generator.

The first goal, a mere $4/month away from where we are at present will involve the development of rules for 3, 4, and 5-way games of 40K, based loosely off of the rules from the now out of print WHFB supplementĀ Triumph and Treachery. Those rules will be made freely available along with anything else needed to play.

While admittedly something of a niche interest, I’ve always liked the idea of 3-way games (“…and then the Warp opens!”) from a narrative setting, and given alternate forms of playing 40K, including Apocalypse, are now pretty standard, I think it’s worth taking a swing at.


After that is a little bit of a pause to help fund some code re-factoring that needs to get done (I’d like things cleaner, need time to figure out how to deal with some of the edge cases in the rules, etc.), followed by the second new goal.

Narrative and linked campaigns are a blast – a good three or four games, played over the span of a long weekend, month, a single epic night of gaming, whatever – that follow logically from one to the other. But they’re kind of a pain to generate.

So I’m going to do it for you.

In essence, the idea is to create a database of existing missions, specify the links between them “Mission X would do really well if the attackers won Mission Y…”, and set up a system for you to dynamically generate a linked campaign – and do it with some randomness that would mean a lot of replayability. From a coding perspective it’s fairly straightforward, but there’s a lot of leg work in actually building the “Mission Web” in a way that feels coherent.

So there you have it – new goals! If either one interests you, or you’ve just been enjoying the content of the site, please consider giving to the Patreon campaign.

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