Variance Hammer’s Patreon Campaign

We’ve set up a new Patreon campaign!

There are a number of reasons Variance Hammer is trying this particular form of funding. The first is that ads…just aren’t a thing anymore. You’ve probably noticed that sites like BoLS are absolutely covered in ads and click-bait titles. The reason for that is that’s what they need to do to bring in meaningful amounts of advertising revenue.

Variance Hammer has been running for about a year, and in that time, we’ve made ~ $8 from advertising revenue. Which means covering 1/12th of our hosting costs – except that we don’t actually get that money until we hit $100 (ETA: Never).

So our first, and fairly modest goal, is to toss the ads.

From there, there’s some future projects that are being worked on, involving online tools for your own analysis, that can use funding both for servers and the like, as well as just some dedicated development time.

Have questions? Feel free to leave them here, or get in touch with me at @VarianceHammer on Twitter.

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