State of the Crusade: A Poll

Since this blog started, the amount of statistical knowledge that exists about the competitive 40K scene has exploded – basic summary statistics and the like are now widely available and automatically collected, there are podcasts and livestreams talking about it, etc. But what of the narrative scene? How well has Crusade been taken up, how often is it played, and how? Are people power leveling characters, or buffing up troops? How big are Crusade forces, and are they following the GW idea of “Your army as a stand-alone narrative entity” or are they primarily playing in campaigns and the like?

I’m aiming to find out.

To do that, I’ve created a survey:

Click Here To Go To It

It’s fairly short, though it does ask about your Crusade force in a fair amount of detail, as I’m hoping to get enough information to look at how experience points are distributed. And there is a small incentive for the people who participate – I’m giving away two $50 Virtual Vouchers to either Games Workshop or Forge World, randomly selected from the participants who complete the survey and provide their emails. But beyond that – it would be great to know how you’re playing games of Crusade.

Thank you to anyone who participates – there will be a follow-up post with the results.

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