March 2016

After taking a little break from DoM coverage to catch my breath and ponder the books, I’ve collected some of the most common issues I’ve heard discussed, as well as […]

It’s a rare thing for me to do an outright book review here on Variance Hammer – I figure there are likely other places that do that better. But I’m going […]

The new Deathwatch Overkill game came with considerable fanfare from players and longtime fans of the 40K franchise, and I’ll admit I was excited. I’m a long-time fan of the Boys in […]

Assuming you entered the Feast of Fluff competition that is. Just a quick status update for people: we’ve got your entries, they’ve been stripped of identifying information, and sent off to […]

40K is Forked

So not long after I put out my view on the new ITC 2016 Q1 poll, the results came out, and now, like so many talking heads staring at primary […]