After taking a little break from DoM coverage to catch my breath and ponder the books, I’ve collected some of the most common issues I’ve heard discussed, as well as […]

Happy New Year from Variance Hammer. May 2016 bring you improbable strings of 6’s (except on Leadership checks). And don’t forget to work on your submissions for our custom fluff contest!

Assault Dice Revisited

October has been a slow month here at Variance Hammer for a number of reasons – most of them life-related administrative tasks and travel. Several new posts are in the works, […]

There have been a couple new goals added to the Patreon campaign, focusing on projects that I think folks might find appealing: an examination of multi-player games, and a campaign […]

We’ve set up a new Patreon campaign! There are a number of reasons Variance Hammer is trying this particular form of funding. The first is that ads…just aren’t a thing anymore. […]